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Should MSPs Charge More for High Profile Clients?

Pricing your managed services offerings has been a longstanding debate within the MSP community. When certain types of customers present more lucrative targeting from cybercriminals, perhaps it is time to revisit pricing techniques for MSPs and their more high-profile clients.


  • Risk-Based Pricing Review
  • MSP internal risk assessments; should they involve clients?
  • Insurance, best practices, and legal agreements all impact your pricing and risk

Setting up Your Managed Services Portfolio

There are many reasons why you should have a managed services portfolio. Some call it a service catalog, others a service offering. Whatever you call it, the importance of having it within our managed services practice is crucial and can have many long-term impacts throughout your business.


Why is a service catalog important?

Managed Services are not consulting services 

Precise service offerings are easier to communicate in a service agreement 

The Connection Between Documentation and Compliance

Documentation has many benefits within a managed services practice. But, it also can be incredibly important for compliance. Here are some best practices MSPs of all sizes can adopt and implement.

Should I Switch from Break/Fix to Managed Services?

The decision to change from a break/fix or reactive IT company into a proactive or managed services company is not an easy one, nor should it be undertaken lightly. Being an MSP is a commitment to your clients, and doing things in a very different way. Here are some considerations to help you in your decision-making process.

Why do you want to be an MSP?
Do clients have anything to do with this change?
Do you understand what is required of you?
It's more than just buying the right software
Be in it to win!

Managed Services Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

Insurance for your MSP practice has never been more important. What types of insurance should you get? What insurance will protect you versus your client?

There is no race to the bottom

Is there a race to the bottom within the managed services profession? Commodity pressures, competition, these elements have always been with us but they do not mean that we are throwing away our services at rock bottom prices because the race to the bottom is inevitable. 

Show notes:

How Can MSPs Avoid Unnecessary Compliance?

Many MSPs are so tightly fused with their clients' business and technology needs that it can difficult to separate the two. This is understandable given the high level of trust clients place in their MSPs. But, there is a difference between relying on your MSP to assist you with your compliance needs and transferring your compliance obligations to your MSP.


  • MSP vs Client Compliance
  • Some things you can't transfer
  • Consulting vs involvement

Is a Single Pane of Glass over for MSPs?

Much has been made of the "single pane of glass" functionality of the major MSP platform companies. A single place from which the MSP can perform much of their work. And yet, as MSPs continue to have more options when it comes to MSP tools, is the single pane of glass concept ending?


  • Big Vendors Have More Risk of "non-performance" from their security tools
  • MSPs are Starting to Hold MSP Platforms Accountable for their Security Performance
  • MSPs are taking a more "best of breed" approach to their toolsets

When Security Vendors Get it Wrong

MSPs often outsource SOC, SIEM, and other security-related services to their vendors, including some of the larger MSP platform companies. But, what happens when those vendors miss something? Does the MSP have any liability to the client? What can the MSP do to protect themselves?

Do MSPs need security SLAs from their vendors?
What do MSP platform company contracts say?
Public Policy issues with limitation of liability clauses

MSP Zone Guest: Rob Scott, Scott & Scott LLP

Advice for MSPs Going Through MSP Verify

Are you considering the MSP Verify certification? If so, here are some practice insights into how you should approach the process and how to maximize the value.


  • Why did you choose to go through the MSP Verify?
  • How are managed services clients responding to your certification?
  • What advice would you give to MSPs considering MSP Verify?

MSP Zone Guest: Karl Springer, Sagiss

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