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January 14, 2021  

Zero Trust Network Architecture for MSPs

What is ZTNA? As MSPs face increasing challenges in protecting their clients against global cyber threats, new ways of defense are needed. Could ZTNA be an effective new tool for MSPs? We will discuss. 

Program Highlights

  • Applicability to public and private clouds
  • How is it to manage?
  • Best Practices for MSPs

MSP Zone Guest: Robert Krug, AVAST

January 12, 2021  

Securing the MSP Supply Chain

The supply chain in managed services involves numerous technology relationships with external parties. This is a normal practice. There are, however, some easy and necessary steps every MSP ought to take when reviewing their supply chain partners and making decisions that ultimately affect risk and profitability. 

MSP Zone Guest: Rob Scott, Scott & Scott LLP

January 11, 2021  

4 Process Improvements for Private Cloud Managed Services

Managing any object (as a managed service) requires skill. But, beyond mere expertise, there are several critical characteristics that can really make your private cloud managed services offering take off in 2021. 

Here are 4 fundamental process changes your MSP practice can implement in 2021 to improve your private cloud offering. 

  • Automating the back-office workflow
  • Offering a self-service portal that can be accessed by both end-customers and the internal help desk
  • Automating service fulfillment to allow for efficiency in provisioning
  • Offering flexible pricing and resource consumption just like the public cloud hyperscalers

MSP Zone Guest: Alan Zurakowski, HyAlto

December 16, 2020  

2020 Managed Services Year in Review

2020 will be a historic year, not just because we had a global pandemic. The managed services profession achieved some significant milestones this year. We will examine a few of the highlights in this year-end review of 2020. 

  • MSPs Rose to the Challenge in 2020
  • The pandemic caused a major separation between professional MSPs and other IT providers
  • Regulation of IT is now upon us
  • Managed services contracts went through some changes this year. Terms, risk strategies, even negotiating tactics
  • Cyber Attacks - both against MSPs and clients
  • Changes in ransomware payment policy
  • IT labor uncertainties created new opportunities for MSPs

MSP Zone Guest: Rob Scott, Scott & Scott, LLP

December 9, 2020  

The Unintended Consequences of MSP Regulation

MSP regulation is upon us. But, could there be unintended consequences not foreseen by the regulators and legislators passing such laws? Today, we talk to a Louisiana based MSP to get his thoughts on what impact MSP regulation may have on managed service providers. 

Landon Futch - Essential Solutions, LLC

  • Will the laws & regulations actually make MSPs and their clients safer?
  • Is MSP regulation an excuse for poor client cyber hygiene?
  • Will new security laws force better IT security behavior amongst clients?
  • Will the law impact both governmental and private customers?
December 9, 2020  

MSSP - Build or Partner

If you are wanting to accelerate your steps towards offering managed security, you have a few options, including build or partner. Today’s episode discusses some of the pros and cons of both the build and partner methods.

What are some of the common MSSP challenges?
Should MSPs build or partner?
Has Work From Home disrupted the legacy managed security deliverable?
What is a SOC? Is it just a NOC with a SIEM?

MSP Zone Guest: Brian Stoner, Stellar Cyber

December 2, 2020  

Current Best Practices in Managed Service Contracts

Managed services agreements are crucial for MSPs and clients. Everything from the duration of the agreement, to pricing, limitation of liability, and other elements necessary to the relationship between MSP and client must be articulated within the managed services agreement. 

Today's program examines the current best practices as it pertains to how MSPs ought to construct their managed services agreements. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Term of agreements - Monthly, 1 year, and 3-year options, each offering pricing discounts depending on term
  • Cancellation clauses directly impact the term of the agreement.
  • Price protections
  • Response times vs resolution times
  • Insurance - the goal should be a “zero risk” position for the MSP
  • Limitation of liability

MSP Zone Guest: Rob Scott of Scott & Scott, LLP

December 1, 2020  

The evolution of MSPs in the age of Covid

As we near the end of 2020, a year that has brought significant global change to everyone, we also look at the ways how this year has impacted the managed services profession and the customers relying on MSPs. While 2020 brought undeniable change, it also brought opportunities to use change as a way to survive and improve upon outdated and even inefficient business practices. This is especially true in IT management. 

Program Highlights:

  • The evolution of networks in the age of Covid and remote/mobile workers
  • The Threat Landscape evolving trends
  • The need for advanced security, especially for encrypted traffic
  • The importance of a layered security solution

MSP Zone Guest: Robert Krug, of Avast Software

November 20, 2020  

Managed Services in the Last Frontier

A conversation with Ampersand, a managed services provider based in Alaska about their journey throughout the pandemic, meeting the needs of their clients, and in general about being an MSP in the last frontier. 

November 19, 2020  

Can you Resell Managed Services?

Is the MSP profession ready for the channel? Of course it is, you might say. But, we are talking about the reselling of managed services as a channel. Can this strategy be accomplished effectively and safely? What are some of the steps you should take if you are considering such a strategy? 

  • What are the legal risks?
  • Is there a primary MSP relationship which should be established?
  • How do you update your agreements?
  • If you are the “channel partner” MSP, how do you adapt?


MSP Zone Guest: Rob Scott, Scott & Scott LLP

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