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Ransomware -the MSP and SMB Perspective

There’s a stark contrast to how the threat of Ransomware is perceived by MSPs vs SMBs. MSPs have long understood cyber, business, and IT risks that face their customers. Customers, on the other hand, can have a slightly wider range of experience and understanding when it comes to cyber risks. Why is that?

Join us in this podcast as we uncover the reasons why this discrepancy exists, disclose the precursors of ransomware and discuss solutions.


  • Why do we see so much ransomware?
  • Do MSPs perceive ransomware differently from end-user customers?
  • How do we solve the ransomware issue?

MSPZone Guest: Ricardo VillaDiego, Founder & CEO of Lumu Technologies

Can you be secure and efficient as an MSP?

Access management has been a managed service offering for customers for many years. Today, the issue of internal access management has now become mainstream for MSPs of all sizes. How users gain access to internal MSP systems and networks is just as important as it is for managed services customers. But, being secure about your user onboarding and offboarding does not mean you can't also be efficient in your movements.

That's what we discuss on today's episode.


  • Who is Devolutions?
  • What is the current state of MSP internal security?
  • How can MSPs elevate their internal security?
  • Can you be secure and efficient as an MSP?

MSPZone Guest: Maurice Cote - VP Business Solutions with Devolutions

The Role of Backup in the Modern Day MSP

In today’s connected and security conscious world, customers are looking to MSPs to provide them with backup and recovery services that will help safeguard their organization against ransomware, user errors, and other evolving threats to their business operations and reputation. These same benefits also hold true for the MSPs themselves.

Steve Rodin, CEO of Storagepipe enters the MSPZone and offers his perspectives on a variety of topics.


  • New high-margin monthly recurring revenue streams
  • Data sovereignty/residency
  • The importance of cloud backup
  • Cloud application backup
  • Backup as Business Continuity

Sponsored by Storagepipe: Storagepipe | Cloud, Backup and Disaster Recovery Services Partner Program (

The Future of Cybersecurity Talent

Brian Stoner from Stellar Cyber joins MSPZone to discuss the future of cybersecurity talent within the managed services profession. We discuss the relationship with Boise State, how that connection came to be, and how this could be a template for future cybersecurity talent cultivation all over the world.  


  • Are we still in a cybersecurity talent drought?  
  • Boise State connection 
  • The problem with existing cybersecurity talent 

MSPZone Guest: Brian Stoner, Stellar Cyber 

A Sales Strategy for All MSPs

WOM: Low Smile

It does not happen a lot where an approach to selling and marketing managed services can actually apply to a large selection of MSP verticals. But, I think we have one for you today.  

Based on actual conversations with MSPs who are using this approach successfully, and an equal number of MSPs who are not doing it but could benefit from it, I believe this approach will work for the vast number of MSPs throughout the world.  

I am talking about cyber insurance. Specifically, I’m talking about the use of cyber insurance as a conduit for many other managed services offerings.  


  • Role of MSP cyber insurance 
  • 1st Party insurance defined 
  • Customer insurance pain points 
  • MSPs to the rescue! 

2022 ConnectWise MSP Threat Report

Raffy Marty, the ConnectWise general manager, cybersecurity, drops by the MSPZone to brief us on their latest MSP Threat Report. As the role of RMM vendors becomes more critical to the ongoing security of the global MSP community, companies such as ConnectWise are increasing their efforts to educate and equip their MSP partners with information and technologies.  



  • 10-15% increase in ransomware incidents by quarter in 2021 
  • Evolution of the "super-MSP" 
  • Ransomware operator tactics 
  • 2022 predictions 

MSPZone Reading Material: 

MSP Best Practices Series: Picking the Right Tools

In part 2 of our MSP best practices series, we look at the selection of tools during the initial stages of creating an MSP practice. The right tools are critical to your success in delivering managed services.  

Armed with a thorough business plan, selecting the appropriate hardware and software technologies can become easier, although it should still be a process you undertake with a high degree of seriousness.  



  • MSP tool selection philosophies 
  • Questions to ask your MSP tool vendor 
  • Integration Considerations  

MSP Best Practices Series: The Business Plan

So you want to become an MSP. Maybe you are already an MSP and just want to get better. The managed services profession is an exciting, vibrant, and important community serving tens of thousands of customer organizations all over the world.  

Being a great MSP takes practice, patience, and a good amount of planning. That’s why we decided to create this series of short, instructional videos to help guide newer MSP organizations navigate the often complicated world of managed services.  

This series will take you through the very early stages of a pre-revenue MSP business model, all the way through some of the more advanced stages of delivering a managed service offering. We hope you find these videos insightful and helpful. 


The Business Plan 

Most people don't like to hear this but the very first step you should take when deciding to become an MSP is develop and write a business plan.  


  • Provides structure for your MSP goals 
  • Prevents missteps and waisted resources 
  • Eliminates a lot of effort downstream 
  • Faster time to market 

The MSP Perspective on the Kaseya-Datto Deal

Now that we have had some time to digest the news about Kaseya buying Datto, it is time to get the MSP on the street perspective. Travis Springer of Sagiss, joins MSPZone and shares his thoughts on the deal, the likely reaction from MSPs and vendors alike, and ultimately whether the deal will be good, bad, or neutral for the managed services profession.  



  • Analysis of the deal 
  • Why did the deal take place?  
  • Will vendor consolidation drive or stifle innovation? 
  • How do other MSPs feel about it? 
  • What reaction, if any, will this cause from the remaining "big 4" companies? 

With guest Travis Springer, Vice President of Sagiss 

Are We Winning or Losing against Cybercrime

Are we winning or losing the ongoing war against cybercrime? Today's guests have an answer. You may not like the answer, but it does reflect two professional opinions from people who know a lot about the cybersecurity war.  

More importantly, our guests understand what it takes to win that war and the role MSPs will play in achieving that victory.  

Join Scott Augenbaum - Supervisory Special Agent FBI retired, and Corey Munson from PC Matic, as they discuss this important topic.  



  • We need good technology but it needs to be applied properly.  
  • Do MSPs know how to sell security? 
  • Are end-users doing enough to participate in their own survival? 
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