Now that the global economy is re-awakening, our attention must turn to areas where MSPs can achieve success, and learn from the past to avoid areas which may not be ready for business as usual. It's time to rebalance your client portfolio. 

MSP Zone Guest: Eran Farajun, executive vice president of Asigra

Every MSP uses some combination of RMM and ticketing technology. But, what are the security issues related to use of those platforms and how can MSPs ensure they are protected? 

MSP Zone Guest: Product Marketing Director at VIPRE Security

MSPs are about to experience a surge in business as the global economy re-awakens. But, how will MSPs achieve success and scalability without a steady supply of experienced technical and industry talent? 

MSP Zone Guest: Eran Farajun, executive vice president of Asigra

Where do investors turn when the stock market, gold, and real estate no longer provide safety? Managed services. MSPs are becoming a safe bet for many investors looking to diversify and achieve solid returns.


Do MSPs have more liability if they host data? I don't own a data center; do I still need to get certified? Many MSPs have these questions. We will be discussing these topics, and more on today's program. There are many misconceptions when it comes to MSPs, data hosting, co-location, and how these components of a typical managed services practice are used.

Many organizations believe practicing good cyber hygiene is an impossible task. But it may be easier than you realize. Understanding the risks, developing a plan, and implementing effective and reasonable controls can help your organization flatten the cyber risk curve.

MSP Zone Guest: Eran Farajun, executive vice president of Asigra

What is application whitelisting? Why is it needed? How can application whitelisting improve your internal MSP security as well as that of your clients? Join our guest Corey Munson as he describes the many advantages to a whitelisting security approach to protect MSPs and clients alike, especially amidst rapidly emerging trends such as BYOD and remote work. 

MSP Zone Guest: Corey Munson, vice president of sales at PC Matic

You've experienced a cyber breach. Now what do you do? This is a situation many organizations have never experienced, but likely will in the near future. Cyber attacks are on the rise and show no signs of decreasing. But, you can increase you chances of surviving a cyber attack by doing some simple things. Join cybersecurity expert and former FBI Special Agent Brent Watkins as he discusses effective steps MSPs can take, before and after, a cyber attack occurs. 

MSP Zone Guest: Brent Watkins, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Retired. 

MSPs face more employees working remotely, and have more end-user customers dealing with remote work environments. What are the challenges and opportunities this presents to both MSPs and clients? We will discuss these topics, and more, on today’s program.

Guest: Eran Farajun, executive vice president of Asigra

Everybody knows the risks of ransomware include a financial cost. But, are you factoring in all the costs? Should you pay if you are impacted by ransomware? Is it worth it? 

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